Building NETCDF 3.5 library on OpenVMS system

This NETCDF 3.5 building procedure has been developped and tested with :

First, copy NETCDF_VMS.BCK saveset in an empty directory with write access and restore it with BACKUP/LOG NETCDF_VMS.BCK/SAVE *.*

This procedure will perform following actions :
  1. Unzipping Netcdf package (UNZIP for OpenVMS is herewith provided)
  2. Compile C and FORTRAN interfaces to create NETCDF35.OLB object library located in [.NETCDF-3_5_0.SRC.LIBSRC]. Please notice that informational (xxxx-I-xxxx) and warning (xxxx-W-xxxx) messages are disabled during compilation.
  3. Build NCDUMP utility to display NETCDF files in ASCII form
  4. Build and excute C creating NETCDF file program NC_TEST
  5. Build and excute FORTRAN creating NETCDF file program NF_TEST
  6. Dump and compare results with expected one provided in NC_TEST.TXT and NF_TEST.TXT
If everything is rigth, you can now use NETCDF35.OLB library to build WDF layer, according to corresponding procedure