Installing NetCDF

This document contains instructions for building and installing the netCDF package from source on an HP-UX 11.11i platform.
You will find an installation document for various platforms on:
You will find the used version on this CDROM or, if you want, can retreive this version from the 'unidata' site:
Below you will find the description specific for HP-UX 11.11i.

Mount this CDROM to your system, usually a super-user action.

/etc/mount /dev/dsk/cdrom /cdrom
cd /cdrom/TOOLS/netCDF/HPUX
Copy the compressed tar-file into the /opt directory on your system
cp netcdf-3_5_1-beta3_tar.Z /opt/.
Uncompress the file with
cd /opt
uncompress -v netcdf-3_5_1-beta3_tar.Z
Unpack the tar-file with
tar xvf netcdf-3_5_1-beta3_tar
Step to the source directory for installation
cd netcdf-3.5.1-beta3/src
Set environment variables (here for k-shell)
export CC=/opt/ansic/bin/cc
export FC=/opt/fortran/bin/fort77
export FFALGS=-w
export FLIBS=-lU77
To create the makefiles needed to build NetCDF, you have to run the configure script. This script will examine your computer system checking for attributes that are relevant to building the netCDF package, a config.log file is created.
Run 'make'. This will build one or more netCDF libraries.
Run 'make test'. This will verify that the netCDF library and executables have been build properly.
make test
Run 'make install'. This will install the created libraries and executables.
make install
By now NetCDF is ready to use.