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Installation of netCDF toolbox for MATLAB

for MATLAB Rel 2007b on MSWIN XP

It is presumed that the correct MATLAB version has been installed sucessfully.

The following steps have to be executed:

  1. Unzip file mexnc.R2007b-2.0.29.tar.gz to a suitable directory
  2. Unzip file snctools-2.4.9.tar.gz to a suitable directory
  3. Copy file toolsUI-2.2.22.jar to a suitable directory
  4. Copy \path\to\mexnc\win32\netcdf.dll to \path\to\MATLAB\bin
  5. Start up MATLAB
  6. Add path \path\to\mexnc\tests
  7. Add path \path\to\mexnc\win32
  8. Add path \path\to\mexnc
  9. Add path \path\to\snctools
  10. Add path \path\to\snctools\tests
  11. Add path \path\to\jar-file
  12. In MATLAB >> javaaddpath ( '\path\to\toolsUI-2.2.22.jar')
  13. In MATLAB >> setpref ('SNCTOOLS', 'USE_JAVA', true)

Now you can manipulate the WDF results file in MATLAB e.g.
>> nc_dump \path\to\WDF-results.wdf to create attribute and variables overview
>> wdf = 'path\to\WDF-results.wdf'
>> cl = nc_varget (wdf, 'CLvariable')
>> cd = nc_varget (wdf, 'CDvariable')
plot (cd,cl)

Additional information :

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