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What to install ?

For WDF users

- use WdView to visualize data from WDF files
or to export selected data to a another format : Csv, Gmt,Tecplot, Xml-Tardis.

- use WdPlot to plot data from WDF files

- use MatLab to work on data coming from WDF files after installing a netCDF toolbox for MATLAB

For WDF advanced users

- use a Fortran template to read data in WDF files with your own software

For WDF producers

- to create your own WDF files

>> install first a netCDF library

>> then install a WDF library

>> finally build your own WDF creator software using eventually a Fortran template

- to prepare the medium organization

>> use WpSort to sort images coming from a digital camera.

>> then use Medium Index Creator to create Html files that will be used to browse the medium.

>> burn the medium.